Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Positive thinking all by itself won't remove a single pound from your body

A low calorie diet is a form of restricted diet where people take in less calories from their food.Researchers have revealed that a low-calorie diet can affect a person’s muscle mass, bone density, and strength.Fewer calories mean that dieters are hungrier most of the time.Your metabolism will detect any major drop in calories and it will then adjust itself by burning fewer calories each day -that is the reason you cannot lose weight by starving yourself and that's why LOW CALORIE DIET do not work.

Low fat diets are a form of kind of diets is that they tend to replace fat with carbohydrates. Latest research suggests that it's not the number of calories that makes us fat, it's the type of calories.Carbohydrates tend to increase the sugar in our blood and therefore our body increases the production of the hormone insulin (the only hormone in the body that can reduce blood sugar).
The results of extra insulin production are:
* Increased appetite.
* The excess food is converted into fat to provide us with energy in the future.
* The fat we already have gets "locked" and we can't burn it.
People are not losing weight by switching to the "low fat lifestyle" -LOW FAT DIETS do not work!

Low carb diets are a form of diet where people limit the amount of carbohydrates that are consumed, as carbohydrates turn into fat. The focus of low carb diets is that you need to count the number of carbs that go into your daily diet.
Low carb diets drain most of your energy and can lead to a harmful increase in the acidity of the body fluids, a condition called acidosis or ketosis. A lot of the weight you drop while on a low-carbohydrate diet is water.
Low-carb diets make you feel sad and stressed - LOW CARB DIETS do not work!

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